Castle Hotel Daniel

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Castle Hotel Daniel

The Castle’s cuisine is based on the finest traditional recipes in Transylvania, prepared according to modern culinary requirements. Our reinterpretations offer not only an inspection into the specific tastes of the area, but at the same time a memorable culinary experience. 

For a unique gastronomic journey we recommend you to taste some of our famous reinterpretations, of the specialties of the Castle:

Cornmeal porridge with sheep’s cottage cheese – Or how a traditional shepherd’s meal becomes a fine-dining dish           

Soup with crispy salad packets – Typical sour and dill tastes in a delicious cream soup

Trout fillet with crispy steamed cabbage – steamed cabbage, so specific to the area, as a light and crispy garnish, that highlights the fresh consistency of the local trout.

Gerbeaud cake with chocolate mousse  – the reinterpretation of the traditional cake with the same high quality ingredients: walnuts, homemade apricot jam and dark chocolate, used in generous quantities for an unmatched taste.


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